Vegstone Cleaners offer different solutions to replace synthetic microbeads in household detergents, industrial soaps and other cleaning products.

We are in a society that is increasingly aware of the care and respect for the environment and is committed to natural products that replace abrasive microbeads and plastics that are prohibited in household products due to their detrimental effects on the planet’s ecosystems.

Natural microparticles are biodegradable and sustainable products capable of substituting PMMA (Polymethylmethacrylate) and other synthetic abrasives. The Olive Stone Powder for Microplastic Replacement and other fruit stones and peels have a similar hardness to that of these products, but with the difference that they allow to eliminate the problem that microplastics generate for the environment.

Vegstone cleaners can be used in multiple applications where abrasives are necessary and fulfill certain functions, such as household detergents, industrial soaps, polishing products and toilet hangers, among others.

Vegstone Cleaners | Limpiadores de origen natural

Household detergents

With increasing frequency we find ecological cleaning products on the market, respectful with the environment, capable of reducing environmental impact, water pollution and emissions of polluting substances into the atmosphere. For this reason, the granules obtained from the crushing of the pit and olive peel and other fruits can be incorporated into household cleaning products such as window cleaners, detergents, bathroom cleaners, dishwashers, multipurpose cleaners, degreasers, etc. with the aim to replace those conventional cleaning products that contain chemical and synthetic ingredients so harmful and harmful to both our health and the environment, at the same time, that guarantee and facilitate an effective, easy, long-lasting and deep cleaning on those surfaces where they are applied .

In addition, the substitution of these products for other biodegradable and natural ones prevents the toxic particles contained in them from ending up in the sewage system and, consequently, in the waters of rivers and seas, causing irreparable damage to natural ecosystems, being our objective reducing the appearance of these ecological risks. On the other hand, these toxins can also end up in our body through inhalation or by contact with the skin, which can cause irritations and allergies in people with sensitive skin. Therefore, Vegstone ingredients are an ideal alternative to create ecological Household additives and Detergents and replace synthetic-based products.

Household detergents - Vegstone

Industrial Soaps

Soap is a product used worldwide by people for numerous applications from body and facial cleansing to clothing and accessory cleaning. Formerly, soaps were made by hand using essential oils and fats, but for many years the most used soaps have been those produced industrially, which incorporate among their ingredients a large amount of substances that are aggressive to the skin, as well as synthetic ingredients that can cause irritation. , rashes or allergic reactions. In addition, these soaps are highly polluting, since most are introduced into plastic cans that do not recycle well and end up in rivers and seas, polluting the water and threatening the life of many species.

Therefore, our goal is to provide natural and environmentally sustainable ingredients that help companies to formulate natural soaps whose components are beneficial both for the skin and, therefore, for the health and for the planet’s ecosystems. These soaps, in turn, have a solid or liquid format incorporating water for this, and in addition to maintaining their glycerin, they reduce itching of the skin, avoid the appearance of allergies and help maintain the PH that the epidermis must have.

Industrial Soaps - Vegstone

Polish products

Our granules of olive stone, Almond Shell Powder and fruit peel of different sizes and shapes allow cleaning the surfaces of numerous objects and elements, helping to gently remove fingerprints, dirt, stains, rubs and scratches contained in them, obtaining in this way a smooth finish, without causing scratches and scratches, without lifting the paint, at the same time that it protects them from moisture and takes care of environmental pollution caused by atmospheric agents. Thanks to the use of these products, it is possible to improve the aesthetics of surfaces, recover their shine and eliminate worn areas. In addition, the use of these high quality natural granules helps reduce the environmental impact caused by conventional polishing chemicals that have been used over the years and which are harmful to both human health and the environment. environment. Our ingredients can be incorporated into:

  • Polishing products for car bodies.
  • Polishing products for wooden, metal and plastic furniture.
  • Products to remove varnishes and paints.
  • Polishing products for floors.
  • Polishing products for metals, aluminum or stainless steel.

Toilet Hangers

In order to avoid the contamination of our wastewater, rivers, seas and oceans, as well as the environment that surrounds us, we offer companies the opportunity to make their own ecological air fresheners to hang on the edge of the toilet made from Biodegradable active ingredients without chemical and synthetic substances such as ammonia, dyes, microbeads, etc. Being able to keep the toilet with an excellent fresh and pleasant aroma, while avoiding the presence of bacteria in it. These hangers made with our raw materials are able to dissolve easily, at the same time, they have a solid and strong consistency to withstand several days of use.

The main advantages of our natural microparticles obtained from olive and fruit pit and peel in these applications are the following:

  • 100% natural and biodegradable products.
  • Elimination of chemicals.
  • Anti scratch and anti scratch.
  • Effective and effective cleaning.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Environmentally friendly.
    No risk of irritations, allergies, rashes and other skin problems.

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