Decoration Vegstone offers a range of novel natural products for use in home decoration.
Natural and renewable products such as bones and fruit peels that offer us a world of colors, sizes, shapes, smells and textures to which we intend to give a new life and incorporate them into the decoration of our houses.

These Innovative Biomaterials are ideal to replace other granules that we find in the market made up of glass, plastic and other elements, thanks to their resistant and durable characteristics and their colors, sizes, shapes, etc.
Our stone and fruit peel powders are highly functional, so they can be applied in decorative and design elements, as well as surface coatings and insulating materials, and other building materials for sustainable purposes.

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Decorative elements

The stone and fruit peel powders are excellent for multiple design and decoration applications due to their durable, robust and versatile nature, being an ideal biodegradable alternative to the glass or plastic granules used in the market for these purposes.

The stone and fruit peel powders have neutral colors such as beige, light brown, but also ocher and reddish tones, therefore, they are used to give warmth to environments. Furthermore, these granules can be dyed without problems by conventional dyeing techniques to achieve the desired color in the application in which it is to be used.

Said granules obtained from agricultural by-products can be used in applications such as:

  • Cushion fillings, since they act as an insulator and are capable of accumulating heat.
  • Textured tiles to be used on bathroom walls, living room …
  • Textured wallpapers to create different effects.
  • Filler component for landscaping.
  • Beautification of decorative containers, flower beds, gardens, etc.

With our granules and vegetable powders we want to develop innovative materials that are sustainable with the environment and allow to replace microplastics and other non-sustainable or non-renewable elements. These powders and granules, as they are renewable, allow the elimination and recycling of various final products, thus saving costs and resources. In addition, as mentioned above, they are highly durable, strong and functional in multiple applications.

Natural Decoration - Vegstone

Construction elements

Currently, all industries are betting on a sustainable economy with the aim of reducing the existing ecological footprint. For this reason, the construction industry is developing and using bio-based materials and replacing non-natural materials such as formerly used asbestos, coatings, adhesives, paints, panels and ceilings made from petroleum and plastics.

The use of ecological materials like Pistachio shell powder, granules and flour, in addition to contributing to improving sustainability and being respectful with the environment, are recyclable, safe and resistant.

The fact of using bioadditives in construction materials can be a challenge, since these materials are intended to be careful with the environment, at the same time, efficient and functional, since these materials must meet certain standards such as fire resistance , high resistance, aesthetics, good value for money, durability, among others.

For these reasons, our powders, granules and bone and fruit peel meals are fillers, texturizers, binders and abrasives suitable for insulating materials, reinforcing materials, concrete, ceramic, cement, asphalt, bitumen, etc.

As ingredients used in filling materials, our stone and fruit peel powders and granules are being used as grass fillers for soccer fields, gardens, playgrounds, swimming pools, etc. Traditionally, these spaces have used synthetic filling materials made from rubber and petroleum, being highly harmful to the planet.

Currently, due to the existing concern about caring for the environment and the fact of reducing the use of microplastics that end up in nature, the development and use of biological filler granules obtained from agricultural products such as those manufactured is being chosen. at Vegstone. For this reason, we offer the possibility of improving and creating high-quality and high-performance artificial grass for soccer fields, playgrounds, pet parks from our olive stone granules and fruit peel, since they are natural, biodegradable, easily manipulated and free of harmful substances and microplastics, they also offer high performance and improve the life of the lawn.

Other applications of our powders in architecture, design and construction:

  • Resins for countertops.
  • Granules for soil filling, gardening, etc.
  • Floor coverings, cables, terraces, carpets.
  • Reinforcement fillers of brick, mortar, cement.
  • Biodegradable Packaging Materials

In addition, among our objectives is to help other companies or, in this case, professionals in the construction sector in:

  • Design and decoration elements: from Vegstone we want to find design and decoration materials that are ecological, renewable and free of toxins so that they can be used in homes without affecting the health of the people who live in them, at the same time, that contributes to the sustainable economy. Therefore, our powders can be used on tiles, texturizing walls, mosaics, etc.
  • Replace plastic with ecological materials: we seek to help professionals in charge of manufacturing construction elements or materials to discover natural and sustainable alternatives to plastics such as polyurethane, polyethylene, among others.
  • Innovate with new materials: we work hand in hand with manufacturers of coatings, paints, sealants, and other compounds developing new materials made from our agricultural by-products with the aim of improving the quality of the final product and meeting current needs for respect and care. for the environment.

At Vegstone, we work on the creation and innovation of elements that can be used in multiple applications thanks to the characteristics and functionalities they have. In addition, we seek to help sectors like yours to choose the appropriate materials and raw materials so that their purposes come true and exceed each and every one of their expectations.

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