Vegstone fillers are comprised of a wide range of biodegradable natural powders suitable for use as an alternative to synthetic fillers such as wax, silica and liquid plastic.

Vegstone filler can be used as a thickener for paints and resins modifying the final texture and characteristics of the final product, as well as it can be used to increase the volume of other materials or add weight. It can also be used for biocomposite, to create bioresin, or as a material for 3D printing. Another use of our micronized vegetables is as natural reinforcement materials

Vegstone’s goal is to reduce the use of microplastics contained in multiple materials and elements by others of plant origin, since plastics are manufactured from petroleum and, therefore, are not renewable, so they cannot be regenerated quickly and they can easily seep into nature, being very harmful to these ecosystems, since they can persist in them for hundreds of years. While our elements obtained from trees and plants are 100% natural and vegetable, being friendly to the environment, since they do not cause damage or environmental impacts, thus reducing the ecological footprint.

Olive stone and fruit peel powders can be used as:

Vegstone Fillers | Rellenos de origen natural

Binders and Adhesives

Our biodegradable natural powders obtained from agricultural by-products can act as binders, that is, as components that allow other elements to be joined together. The advantage of using these types of powders as binders is that they are biodegradable and therefore environmentally friendly. In addition, they have a light color and a neutral aroma and allow water to be easily absorbed, which makes them very practical and useful ingredients to use in viscous and semi-liquid products.

The powders of olive stone and fruit peel are very useful to use as fillers, thickeners and binders, since they allow to improve the textures, the adherence of pigments, the resistance of the materials and the adhesion, as well as to control the increase or decrease of the density of paints, ceramics, varnishes, etc.

Our raw materials are ideal for those companies that seek to replace conventional additives with other sustainable and ecological ones, since they stand out for their high effectiveness, material safety, performance, rigidity, stability, resistance and their easy elimination.


A biocomposites is a composite material formed by resin and a reinforcement of natural fibers. These Natural Filler Biocomposites are used in various industrial sectors such as construction, aeronautics, automotive, replacing conventional materials such as steel, iron, aluminum, etc.

That is why at Vegstone we offer innovative products made with natural composite materials such as our bone powders and fruit peels, being an alternative to synthetic fibers. This type of products based on agricultural by-products allow us to enter a sustainable and respectful world with the planet.
In addition, this type of material offers low density, high resistance to corrosion and temperatures, and versatility in design.

These materials offer high mechanical performance, low density, high resistance to corrosion, and versatility in design and engineering performance.


Our biodegradable natural powders are also used to create bioresins, that is, natural resins produced to minimize the presence of synthetic products, construction and reduce environmental impact. For this, they are used in construction products such as natural and waterproof coating for kitchens, interior design, exterior; coating of surfaces such as wood, jewelry, etc.

Natural Filler - Vegstone

Ceramic putties

Fruit powders are also used in ceramics with the aim of improving their quality, resistance, durability and life, as well as being a sustainable alternative to other components used in the market such as plastic, metal or fiber and, that each time, they are being discontinued due to their nature-damaging characteristics.


Sealants are viscous materials conventionally composed of polyurethane and used to seal cracks and joints in walls, cisterns, door frames and other precast elements. In addition, they allow to maintain and care for the buildings, providing elasticity, durability, impermeability …

Due to the existing concern for using ecological elements that guarantee the care of the environment and reduce the use of synthetic materials, our bone powders and fruit peels can be used in sealant formulations with the aim of using renewable and recyclable elements and contribute to reducing the ecological footprint.

In addition, the characteristics that our Natural Fillers For Sealants stand out:

  • Excellent adhesion on materials such as wood, concrete, aluminum, glass, cement, ceramic, etc.
  • Light color and neutral aroma.
  • Great durability.
  • Endurance.
  • Elasticity.

In our company we have hydrophobic adhesives and sealants to be used in any hydrophobic system. These adhesives and sealants are manufactured from hydrophobic olive stone powders capable of creating any barrier in order to absorb water or other organic liquid substances, as well as to repel them. The applications in which they are integrated are waterproof coatings, varnishes and paints. Our powders are pleasantly porous, effective, slip resistant and resistant to water, aqueous solutions and certain chemicals.

Advantages and benefits of using Vegstone’s olive stone and fruit peel powders in the applications outlined above:

  • Ingredients of vegetable origin and sustainable for the environment.
  • Neutral color and aroma, being ideal for any type of application.
  • They offer great resistance to abrasion and ambient temperatures.
  • Great durability for coatings of walls, buildings and other surfaces.
  • Can be used in solvent-free compounds.
  • They can be easily removed.

At Vegstone, we seek to work on the innovation and development of natural and ecological products that are highly functional and practical, at the same time, that are healthy and not harmful to nature, animals and humans.

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