Vegstone Food supplies plant products for both the human and animal food industry. We start from agricultural by-products selected for their high content of active compounds and we manufacture our product following the highest quality standards.

We have a wide catalog of plants and products. This portfolio has been developed by our technicians over recent years and we also develop new products in close collaboration with our clients, selecting the raw material, the variety of the crop, humidity and particle size, organic or conventional product …

Our ingredients obtained from agricultural by-products such as olives, almonds, peaches, etc. can be incorporated into other products intended for food supplements, capsules and other nutritional and pharmaceutical products, thanks to the properties that our ingredients contain, as they are rich in carbohydrates, fiber, etc. cellulose and lignin, making any other product have added value.

Likewise, the stone and fruit peel powders are entirely natural and vegetable and therefore qualify as vegetarian and vegan. In addition, they are gluten free, that is, they do not contain gluten, so they are ideal as antiallergic ingredients.

Due to all these characteristics, in addition to its aroma and neutral flavor, stone and fruit peel powders can be used for the following purposes:

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Ingredients for food and feed

The food industry is one of the areas in which our ingredients are used the most, since they constitute an ecological alternative, and therefore sustainable, healthy and responsible to other types of food additives that are not so much, since they contain other substances less beneficial to health. For this reason, our ingredients are used to increase the energy value of feed and food, incorporate fiber that can be easily digested, act as texturizers for semi-liquid foods, are used as stabilizers and thickeners in meat products and additives for the manufacture of bread or pastries. .

Our ingredients are ideal fiber additives for natural foods or manufactured with biologically active components to improve the nutritional properties of foods and reduce the volume of sugars and fats contained in them. In addition, thanks to their antioxidant properties, fiber and their low calorie and fat content, they become an excellent component for meat products as they reduce the energy and fat value of the meat; bakery products, as they are able to retain more water and extend their freshness; vegan foods and feed, as they substitute ingredients such as wheat or corn and add fiber that can be easily digested. The benefits of stone powder and fruit peel are the following:

  • Stimulate, strengthen and strengthen the immune system.
  • Prevent cellular aging.
    Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Reduce infections and inflammations, that is, it acts as an anti-inflammatory.
  • Help prevent overweight.
  • Improve Life Quality.
  • Prevent cancer.

Regarding the diet based on Natural Ingredients for Food and Feed, the objective that is intended to be achieved by incorporating these ingredients is to improve animal welfare and their health, so they are used in natural nutritional supplements, free of chemical additives that can affect the intestinal health of animals. However, although in recent years there have been numerous advances in this sector, animals are still fed with very low quality feed, therefore, one of our goals is to supply food additives derived from our agricultural by-products and offer our clients a high quality beneficial product with which their animals will obtain each and every one of the nutrients necessary for a proper functioning of their organism.

Ingredients for food and feed - Vegstone

Pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements

The Apricot Stone Powder, fruit stone and fruit peel powder is also used in pharmaceutical products and dietary supplements due to the high amount of antioxidant properties, vitamins, polyunsaturated fatty acids, amino acids, vegetable proteins and bioactive compounds that they contain. Therefore, they are usually very practical in pills, capsules, tablets, powders … as they contain active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Therefore, thanks to the antioxidant properties that our stone and Fruit stone powders as natural dyes contain, the production of free radicals is prevented and both human and animal cells are protected. In addition to providing multiple benefits such as those outlined above, it prevents aging, which is why it is added to various pharmaceutical products, such as creams, ampoules, capsules, etc.

For these reasons, more and more people include natural and vegetable products to take care of health, so it is very common that in herbalists and pharmacies we ask for herbal medicine products, that is, products that help treat diseases through plants or plant substances.

Due to the bioactive principles that plants contain, laboratories incorporate these ingredients in their formulations. Likewise, plant resources with medicinal properties are also included in medicines, constituting what is known as phytopharmaceuticals to be used for preventive purposes or to treat various mild pathologies. In addition, the bones and fruit peel are also incorporated in dietary supplements in order to add the necessary nutrients to the diet and reduce the risk of suffering from health problems, since our agricultural by-products, as we have mentioned, contain a large amount of vitamins , minerals, fiber, amino acids or other enzymes necessary for our body and, that sometimes, depending on the age or the person, most of these nutrients are not obtained with the intake of certain foods, therefore we resort to this type of supplements .

At Vegstone, we work to offer and provide high-quality active ingredients obtained from agricultural by-products such as olives with the aim that other companies and pharmaceutical laboratories incorporate them into their formulations, adding value to their products and medicines, providing consumers with an adapted final product. to its characteristics and as natural as possible.

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