Vegstone Abrasives offers different solutions for the treatment and cleaning of delicate surfaces through precision blasting.

We have vegetable shot, that is, an abrasive obtained from the crushing of olive pits and almond or walnut shells, obtaining little aggressive grains ideal for multiple applications.

In the beginning, vegetable shot was used exclusively for the aeronautical industry and for the treatment of surfaces through blasting. Currently, this granulated abrasive is used to remove paint, light stripping, polishing surfaces, cleaning molds, spindles, turbines …, without affecting the base metal. Therefore, our vegetable abrasives are indicated for use in the aeronautical and military industries among others, as well as in delicate pieces and other surfaces and objects, since it is a non-polluting natural product.

Through a mechanical process we convert olive, walnut and almond stones and shells into industrial granules that can be used for applications such as:

  • Removal of paint and stripping without affecting surfaces.
  • Cleaning or polishing surfaces of furniture, floors, dishes, boats and other types of elements.
  • Cleaning and treatment and surfaces of delicate parts.
    Removal of unwanted parts of statues, beams, facades, monuments, etc.
  • Delicate blasting of surfaces and precision work in the aeronautical, electronics and military industries.
  • Cleaning of propellers, turbines and rotors.
  • Cleaning of oxides on archaeological metals (bronze, iron …).

Vegstone works to offer other companies innovative cleaning and surface finishing solutions based on natural abrasive grains as innovative blasting media to various parts and elements, both metallic and non-metallic, with the aim of reducing the ecological footprint, providing vegetable abrasives manufactured under the highest quality standards.

Therefore, following our mission and identity, we seek that companies replace conventional cleaning and treatment media based on glass microspheres, plastic shot, ceramic, silica, aluminum, etc. with our biodegradable vegetable abrasives, reducing the environmental impact caused by the abrasives indicated and raising awareness in companies about the care and respect that we must have with the environment.

The powders of olive stone, Peach Shell Powder, almond and walnut shell are ideal abrasives for the aforementioned applications due to their high content of lignin and cellulose. In addition, they can be used in humid or dry environments, as well as in high pressures.

Our olive stone and walnut and almond shell granules have the following characteristics:

  • Hardness: 3.5 Mohs
  • Color: light brown / beige
  • Apparent density: 0.7 – 0.8g / cm3
Vegstone Abrasives | Abrasivos de origen natural

Abrasives on surfaces

The granules of olive pits and almond and walnut shell powder, granules and flour are used especially to clean, polish and soften various materials such as tableware, floors, wooden furniture and other materials, since they allow to carry out an effective and smooth abrasion without damaging the surface or the inside them.

Sandblasting cleaning

sandblasting - Vegstone

Sandblasting is a surface cleaning system by means of which an abrasive is thrown under pressure in order to remove dirt and residues, facilitating a deep cleaning of the treated surface. This system is suitable for all types of surfaces. It is known as “sandblasting”, since in the beginning the abrasive used was silica sand, a dust dangerous for health.

Currently, other very versatile and practical abrasives are used that do not pose any risk to health, such as plastic granules, silica, stainless steel and vegetable grains, among others. However, except for vegetable grains, such as Peach Stone Powder, Granules and Flour , the other granules, although reusable, must be disposed of at the end of their useful life, which is why vegetable abrasives such as Vegstone are standing out on the market, since in addition to Being sustainable with the environment, they allow the removal of oxides, paint in poor condition, regularly cleaning metal parts and removing any type of dirt or corrosion effects.

For this reason, to meet these needs, our team of chemists and engineers have developed high-strength, high-performance and reusable granules from the crushing of olive pits and almond and walnut shells, thus collaborating with the circular and sustainable economy.

Benefits of using our natural granules:

  • High resistance: our grains are ideal for use in high pressure or water jet cleaning systems, due to their low moisture absorption capacity, being able to remain stable in both wet and dry environments.
  • Antiallergic: the processes in which abrasives are used produce small specks of dust that, in some cases, depending on the abrasive used, can be harmful or cause allergies.
  • However, our olive stone granules do not contain any allergens, so they are perfect for these applications and guaranteeing safety.
  • Granulometry: Vegstone abrasives have different granulometries depending on the work that will be given to each of the grains, since depending on the areas to be treated or the degree of dirt, one size or another will be required. For example, a lower pressure and a finer size will be required for a stucco than for a tile with great dirt, since it will need more pressure and, therefore, a larger granulometry to achieve a suitable finish.
  • Shape of the particles: when using different raw materials, the shape of the particles is different from one to the other.While walnut and almond shell particles have sharper edges due to their properties, the edges of olive stone particles have smoother and smoother edges, making them ideal for removing paint and rust from materials such as steel, as well as to avoid scratches.
  • Sustainability: by developing abrasives made from agricultural by-products, biodegradable plant products are obtained, easy to dispose of and, therefore, sustainable and respectful with the environment. In addition, they are reusable so they can be recycled over and over again and used countless times.

From Vegstone we offer to industries this type of abrasive with the aim of replacing those, until now, used, since they are suitable and effective for all types of systems and applications.

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