We are not breathing air at all

According to a new study, microplastics are circulating across the planet like oxygen or water. Microplastics can travel through the atmosphere and end up in remote regions from their original emission source. The atmospheric transport can move microplastics to pristine regions believed to be alien to the problem.

There are strong indications to suspect that in addition to the plastic that ends up in our organism through its accumulation in the trophic chain, we could be breathing considerable amounts of plastic contributing to this effect.

If the evidence that we may be breathing plastic is not dramatic enough,  we must add that 10% of the oxygen we breathe comes from a genus of bacteria called Prochlorococcus that lives in the ocean. These bacterias are susceptible to plastic contamination.

Since the earlies 1900s, nearly 10 billion metric tons of plastic have been generated globally. It’s estimated that between 12-18 percent of this amount is not accounted for by landfills, recycling or incinerating.

It is surprising that so much plastic is in the atmosphere at that level and sadly accumulates in the oceans and on land, recirculating and moving everywhere, including remote places.

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