Almond Shell Powder

Our Almond Shell Powder is the most renowned in the entire market, since it is manufactured from top quality almond shells, being a natural alternative to the synthetic products that exist in the market. To obtain said powder, they are selected, cleaned, separated from any foreign substance, dried, stored in a clean place and the shells of the almonds are crushed. Said powder has a light brown color and a mild and pleasant aroma.

Almond Shell Powder is an ingredient that is used in countless applications such as, in cosmetic and personal care products, as they are a highly sustainable product that replaces the microplastics that pollute the world’s ecosystems, us and the animals. For this reason, it is often used in the manufacture of natural exfoliants, shower creams, body and facial soaps and cleaning products, thanks to the fact that the almond shell granules provide a slight natural abrasive effect that helps eliminate dead cells, regenerate the skin, offer a deep cleansing and stimulate blood circulation. Another of its applications is found in food, since it is an ingredient used for compositions with cereals, processed meat, products that replace meat and candies, being a food rich in fiber, gluten-free, anti-allergic and vegan.

Almond Shell Powder - Vegstone
Almond Shell Powder is also used in the industrial field thanks to its low weight, its fibrous consistency, its resistance and its flexibility, which makes it an ideal renewable by-product to add it to wood and plastic compounds, wooden boards. medium-density fiber, garden products, bedding for animals, granules for synthetic grass, as well as to be used as renewable fuel for boilers and stoves, due to its high heat energy and its low emission of sulfur, nitrogenous components and solid particles.
Powdered Almond Shell - Vegstone
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