Natural Cosmetic Exfoliant for Industrial Use

Our natural cosmetic scrub powder is the best on the market. We make our products from fruits and shells and bones. We are the best natural alternative to the synthetic products that unfortunately abound in the market. If you are truly concerned about the sustainability of the planet and want to make the world a better place, we can offer you a wide range of natural products with which you can do your bit to make the world a better place. Acts that may seem insignificant, such as changing our everyday products to sustainable ones, make a big difference and, in many cases, will mean the proper development of entire industries and societies.

Natural Cosmetic Exfoliant for Industrial Use | Vegstone

With our natural cosmetic exfoliating powder for industrial use you will notice the difference with respect to other similar exfoliants because our raw material is of a higher quality than the average, as well as having highly qualified professionals in each step of the process of creating our products, from the collection of the fruit and its quartering, to its conversion into micronised vegetable of different weights and its application in each product of the different industries with which we work. In the case of the natural cosmetic scrub, the industry we work with is the cosmetics industry, an industry that for some years has been related to the use of materials that are harmful to the environment and to human beings, as well as cruel to animals. testing their products on them. But all this is changing, largely thanks to companies like ours, which strongly advocate sustainability and respect for fauna and flora, for life, in short.

Our biodegradable cosmetic exfoliating powder for industrial use helps to remove dead skin. Each scrub is different depending on the raw material used to create it and this will affect the application of each scrub. The fruit shells and pits we use to create our natural cosmetic scrub are mostly: olive pits, almond shells, peach pits, pistachio shells, avocado pits, apricot pits, argan shells, walnut shells, among others.

Vegetable Cosmetic Exfoliant for Industrial Use | Vegstone
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