Pistachio shell powder, granules and flour

Pistachio Shell Powder, Granules and Flour is a high quality natural ingredient used in multiple cosmetic applications such as, for example, in natural exfoliants, toothpastes … and in industrial applications.

Pistachio shell powder is obtained from ground and sieved high-quality pistachio shells. Our powder is not genetically treated nor does it contain chemicals, therefore, it preserves each and every one of its nutrients and properties such as high content of proteins, fibers, magnesium, iron and vitamin B, E, as well as antioxidant properties. Also, due to its properties, it is considered a superfood, which is why it is being included in many foods and dishes.

Due to this consideration and its innumerable benefits, the pistachio is currently being highly demanded in both the local and international market, most of them being grown in regions of Andalusia, Aragon and Catilla-La Mancha.

The Pistachio Shell Powder, Granules and Flour has a light beige almost white color and a mild aroma, making it a very versatile and practical element to include in different applications. In addition, its characteristic hardness makes it an ideal ingredient to transform it into granules of different sizes.

Pistachio shell powder, granules and flour - Vegstone

Pistachio shell powder and granule is used in the cosmetic sector for skin and hair care, with the aim of taking advantage of its nutrients so beneficial for personal care, as well as reducing the use of microbeads in this type of products. Therefore, our granules and powders are used in cosmetic formulations such as:

  • Natural exfoliants for the body, face, feet, hands, lips, scalp, as they allow deep cleaning and elimination of dead cells from the skin’s surface, improving the regeneration of the epidermis and its renewal.
  • Whitening agents in makeup bases, powders, shadows, etc.
  • Toothpastes providing a healthier cleaning.
  • Exfoliating soaps for sensitive skin.
  • Thickeners in creams, balms, gels, etc.
  • Carriers of pigments and coloring in shadows, lipsticks …
  • Aroma carriers.

Industrial applications of pistachio shell

Pistachio Peel Powder, Granules and Flour is also used in various industrial applications and is an ecological alternative to traditionally used synthetic microparticles. Therefore, they are being used for formulations such as:

  • Medium density fibreboard, pistachio shell powders and granules can be used as raw materials in the elaboration of this type of board used for cladding, furniture, decorative elements, etc.
  • Compounds, as they allow replacing fillers made with polyurethane and polyethylene. In addition to being sustainable with the environment, our powders made from pistachio shell have a very low density unlike other elements.
  • Paints, varnishes, resins, dyes and glues, since it can be used as a thickener to modify the final texture and characteristics of the final products, add weight or increase the volume of other materials or elements, as well as be used as a material for 3D printing. 

At Vegstone, we work to develop top quality stone and fruit peel powders, without additives or chemical compounds, since we are committed to innovation in these natural ingredients as a means to reduce the environmental impact caused by the synthetic materials used so far.

Pistachio shell - Vegstone
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